Call for Submissions!

This is our first in a series of posters for Volume 9. This year, we are particularly looking for a play to publish. Either a one-act play, or an excerpt from a longer play that could stand as a piece on its own. For more information, click here

spaces submission poster

[spaces] Announces a New Theme!

The team for Volume 9 of the [spaces] literary journal is pleased to announce that the theme for Volume 9 of [spaces] is “Encounters.”

In this edition, we hope to hear about those encounters that may go unnoticed, or those that stand out from ordinary. How does one deal with said encounters? What encounters does one face or fail to face? What does it mean to encounter?

There are numerous ways that one can encounter this theme!

Submissions must be original works never before published and not submitted to any other literary publication.

The deadline for submissions for Volume 9 is Wednesday, November 5, 2014.

This year we are particularly looking for prose submissions. So, get your creative hats on and tell your friends!

Email any submissions/questions to

Now accepting submissions!

The theme of this year’s journal is: “Connecting the [spaces]: A Late Night Conversation.” Our desire for this edition of [spaces] is that it would engage the stories and moments that we share in our late night conversations. We want you to hear from you because only you can tell your story. Submissions must be original works never before published and not submitted to any other literary publication.

Email all your submissions to

[spaces] Welcomes a New Team


This year we are excited to announce a new team for Volume 8 of the [spaces] literary journal. As Editor-in-Chief, Hanna Waswa will be leading this years team. Hanna is a fourth-year English and Communications double-major with an active presence in both departments. She continues to ambitiously balance these commitments by also simultaneously holding the position of Chief Copy Editor with the award-winning collegiate newspaper Mars’ Hill. Waswa’s writing is as equally as formidable as her academic involvement, having already been published in both [spaces] and Mars’ Hill—not to mention her ambitious participation in the notoriously gruelling National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo).

Building on last year’s internal management strategy, this year’s team will include the newly developed position of Development Coordinator, in continuing with the ultimate goal of making [spaces] a completely self-sustaining publication. In addition to collecting, vetting, and publishing the very best of Trinity Western University’s literary and visual art, Waswa and her staff  will continue the strategic push to further promote [spaces] both on and off campus. Of course, this will include the popular [spaces] release party.

What began as a simple fundraising strategy years ago has now evolved into an annual tradition, drawing students, alumni, staff, and many local residents also included in the TWU community. Last year featured a variety of delicious home-baked goods, a silent auction of some of the actual art pieces featured in the journal, live music (including an impromptu dance party), a raffle, and live readings from several [spaces] authors. Last year also saw record sales of the journal, with only a handful of Volume 7 copies still available at the TWU Bookstore.

Each year [spaces] continues to gather momentum, hinting that this year’s Volume 8 release is sure to be a roaring success. We’re very excited to see what Waswa and her team have in store for the year. Click here for a full list of the new [spaces] staff!

Letter from the Editor

Welcome friends and fellow travellers. We are happy to have you join us for the seventh volume of [spaces]. The 2012-2013 year has been filled with new achievements for the journal. We received over one hundred visual art and written submissions, which is a significant increase from past years.  Furthermore, due to the number of pieces that were submitted, we had the opportunity to host two separate vetting events, one for written pieces and one for our artwork and photography pieces. It was wonderful to see all of the students who came out to help with the vetting process. The third significant achievement for our team this year was stepping into a new identity of [spaces] as a student-lead journal. Although this has always been true, this volume has had a greater level of student involvement and initiative than ever before. We look forward to seeing future teams take [spaces] even further.

A significant change that we made in this volume of [spaces] is the arrangement of the pieces. Past teams organized the journal by genre: poetry, prose, and artwork. This year, as we began to compile the submissions, we noticed similar themes throughout the accepted pieces. The more time we spent with the works, the more we realized that there was a narrative quality in the way the pieces fit together. The resulting compilation explores the highly discursive nature of these artistic works.

Lastly, I want to mention our theme. The idea behind the theme developed when our team realized that some of the most profound and thoughtful conversations of our generation are happening in local coffee shops. We discovered that similar contemplations occurred within the pages and images of past journals. This volume of [spaces] has thus become a place for a literary dialogue between the pieces and the readers, and we hope that you will join in the conversation. So, please, grab a hot drink and find a comfortable chair as you listen to the stories from the [spaces] café.

Angela Hiebert