[spaces] Literary Journal: Call for Submissions

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[spaces] Literary Journal is now accepting submissions!

TWU’s official literary journal, [spaces], is entering its tenth anniversary volume and is currently accepting submissions! We invite you to submit poetry, short stories, essays, dramatic works, artwork, and photography for publication. [spaces] is an edited and peer-reviewed journal, and this is a wonderful opportunity to see your creative work in print!

The theme for the tenth volume of [spaces] is “recurrence.” We encourage you to contemplate the aspects of your life that repeat in patterns, which guide the pace and tempo of your life and allow you to predict and prepare the future as well as to order your understandings of the past. We encourage you also to address the experiences and feelings which have broken the patterns that guide your life–the exceptional, that which does not recur. We also encourage you to explore metaphysical aspects of “recurrence,” such as fate and reincarnation. [spaces] beckons you to interpret this theme as creatively as you like!

The submission deadline is November 5.  Please send your submissions and any questions you may have to spacesliteraryjournal@gmail.com.