Editorial Team


The Volume XIV [spaces] Team

Mikah Feunekes, Editor-in-Chief

Mikah Feunekes is a Dutch-Canadian who grew up in Indonesia and now calls British Columbia home (though she still hasn’t quite gotten used to the weather). She is in her fourth year at Trinity and hopes to graduate in April with a major in English and a minor in Biblical studies. This is her second year on the [spaces] team, and her flash fiction story "The Fog" was published in Vol. 13 of the journal. When not in class or at the Writing Centre, Mikah can be found reading, baking, or listening to movie soundtracks while doing art.



Anne Hill, Managing Editor

Anne Hill is a fourth-year English Honours major, and is excited to join the [spaces] team as a Managing Editor. She is passionate about Victorian literature, and especially enjoys studying Wilkie Collins and the history of the mystery novel. She also loves cooking, Taekwondo, and exploring the Lower Mainland. Since she intends to pursue graduate work in nineteenth-century literature, she can typically be found hiding in desolate corners of the library as she attempts to write her application papers. 



Sarah Looby, Managing Editor

Sarah grew up in St. Thomas a small city in South Western Ontario.  As an avid reader and writer, she loves creative writing especially of the Romantic era.  Her favourite writers include Jane Austen, Charlotte Brontë, and Wordsworth.  Growing up in a musical family, Sarah played the violin for fifteen years, before she left Ontario to attend Trinity Western University as an English major.  Her love for literature and writing began early on as her mother read to her before bed.  In high school, Sarah wrote for an online magazine and created a serial story.  These fond memories shaped Sarah’s desire to pursue the literature field.  More recently, Sarah has discovered a passion for helping people, and would like to work in a non-profit helping vulnerable women.  Her passion for writing and people intermingle in her own poetry where she focuses on people’s attributes and desires.


Ava Gili,  Associate Editor

Ava is in her second year of English, with a minor in Media and Communications, and hopes to be an editor of novels in the future. She loves nothing more than finding a new world to explore and get lost in, whether it be through a book, movie, or Broadway show. Because of this, you’ll often find her with her headphones on, listening to some musical jams or movie soundtracks. Ava’s favourite book is Carry On by Rainbow Rowell, and she will talk about it for hours if you let her. Above all, Ava is super excited to share her passion through [spaces] and can’t wait to see what this year has in store.



Gillian Scott, Associate Editor

Gillian is a second-year English major planning to minor in Film Studies. Literature is a recently discovered love in her life and she’s very thankful to have found it. Through reading, the desire to write has sprung up and become a passion of hers. Outside of literary things, her enjoyments range from learning languages to being in nature to laughing. Through her time at TWU, she hopes to grow in an understanding of humanity and storytelling to support a future, very out-there, dream of dreams to one day be a filmmaker/missionary/writer.



Amy Bowler, Art + Design Editor

Amy is a third-year Art and Design major and has always enjoyed all forms of art: photography, pottery, stippling, design and drawing. Amy grew up in Malawi, a small country in Africa, and so has always been intrigued by other cultures. They add such richness to the world around us that can bring so much depth to our work and lives. Amy is the Art and Design editor for [spaces] this year and also had the privilege of having a photograph of hers entitled “Fragile Radiance” published in Volume 13 of the journal. She has also had her work displayed in the SAMC Gallery as well as in the Science, Faith and Human Flourishing exhibition that occurred last spring. Amy is excited to see where her role as Art and Design editor takes her, and getting to experience a very practical and hands on role as a designer.


Arianne Thompson, Events Coordinator

Arianne is a fourth year English and Education major. She loves the ability TWU has given her to explore different disciplines and hopes to continue exploring different fields such as psychology in her future. She is also excited to be a part of the creation of Spaces literary journal for the first time! In her free time, Arianne enjoys reading, rock climbing, and making art.





Isabella Hamm, Media Manager

Isabella is the Media Manager this year for [spaces]. She’s a third-year English major whose natural curiosity has led to her taking classes in psychology, linguistics, Hebrew, and many other things that aren’t exactly necessary for her degree. Anything story-based fascinates and excites her, though books will always be her favourite. She began creative writing when she was thirteen, and now mostly writes introspective poetry and short stories featuring characters with supernatural powers. After completing her undergrad, she plans on getting her Master’s in Library and Information Studies at UBC and working as a librarian while also pursuing a career as a writer.