Editorial Team


Spaces2018edits-5The Volume XIII [spaces] Team

Spaces2018edits-30Heather Twele, Editor-in-Chief

Heather is a fourth-year undergrad pursuing an English Honours degree with a minor in Fine Arts. Her dual passions for creative writing and acrylic painting have led her to explore the integration of art and literature. In 2016, she held the position of Associate Art & Design Editor, and in 2017 she served as the Editor-in-Chief of [spaces] Literary Journal. She is currently serving as the Co-Editor-in-Chief of [spaces] for volume thirteen. Her short story titled “The Donation” was published in Volume 11 of [spaces], and her flash fiction piece titled “Negative Space” was published in Volume 12. She plans to complete her Master’s degree in English and make creative writing a lifelong pursuit.


2Spaces2018edits-22Meilani Southern, Editor-in-Chief

Meilani is a fourth-year Applied Linguistics major and Theatre minor. She craves cross-cultural experiences for the thrill of new challenges, unexpected conversations with strangers, good food, and inspiration for her writing. She writes poetry mostly, and some plays and short fiction. Her poetry publishing credits include “first world” and “pneuma” in [spaces]  12 and “alley” in [spaces]Vol. 11. Before coming to TWU, she studied at Baptist Theological Seminary in Singapore. In the future she hopes to serve with Wycliffe Bible Translators, doing language & ethno arts development.



3Spaces2018edits-31Kennedy Dragt, Managing Editor

Kennedy is a fourth-year English major with a concentration in Linguistics. Currently, she is the Managing Editor for [spaces], as well as the Arts & Culture Editor for Mars’ Hill. At this time next year, she plans to be pursuing her Master’s degree somewhere in the broad reaches of theoretical linguistics, literature, philosophy and/or theology. As one may assume by the previous statement, she is highly indecisive and is passionate about exploring conceptual puzzles. She likes to believe these idiosyncrasies are evident in her creative pursuits which she will perhaps one day decide to publish.


4Spaces2018edits-14Tabitha Wellsandt, Art + Design Editor

Tabitha is a fourth-year Art + Design major and has always been intrigued by design—from digital and interior to architectural and organizational.  In addition to her studies, she is involved on campus as president of the Art Club and has been a Resident Assistant as well as a Community Facilitator Assistant.  Tabitha loves to collect new experiences, read, bake, play soccer and basketball, travel, have dance parties, spend time outdoors, and eat chocolate. One of her many dreams for the future involves having a large family, a hobby farm, and a freelance design career.


5Spaces2018edits-12Joanna Williams,  Associate Editor

Joanna is in her fourth year at TWU pursuing a major in Psychology and a minor in English. She has a passion for drinking tea, running, and writing poetry, and her poem “Looking at Our Ruined House” is published in [spaces] Vol. 12. Growing up as an introverted, imaginative individual and attending TWU have both contributed to the development of her skills as a writer and as a careful and empathic reader of literature. She is excited to continue to develop these skills as she works in her role as an Associate Editor with the [spaces] team.



6Spaces2018edits-19Emma Dumitra, Associate Editor

Emma is a fourth-year nursing student at TWU and an Associate Editor at [spaces]. She is an arts as well as a science nerd and enjoys riding her bicycle, reading fantasy novels, and writing poetry and music in her (admittedly short-lived) spare time. Her specialty is sonnets; last year, Emma published two sonnets in [spaces] Volume 12, and she hopes to publish more in the future. Her current work includes copy-editing a fantasy novel set to release this fall and hitting the books to finish her degree in April.



7Spaces2018edits-26Hannah DeVries, Associate Editor

Hannah is a fourth-year English and Media & Communications student, and she hopes to one day work in the publishing field. Along with serving as a [spaces] Associate Editor this year, Hannah is also pursuing her other creative passions in the Trinity Western community. She the photo editor for Mars’ Hill, as well as a photographer for Pillar. Her photo “Warped Among Stones” was featured in [spaces] Vol. 12. Photography is one of her biggest passions, besides editing of course.



8Spaces2018edits-17Mikah Feunekes, Events Coordinator

Mikah is a third-year English major and Biblical studies minor. Her life as a missionary kid in Indonesia and her travels through Asia, North America, and Europe have given her an appreciation for different cultures and a love for nature and its diversity. Mikah spends most of her time reading, singing, drawing, and figuring out which books to read next. After graduation, she hopes to pursue a career in editing and publishing, as well as creative writing. 




Spaces2018edits-37.1Sabine Henderson, Media Manager

Sabine Henderson is a third-year English major with a minor in Sociology, who hopes to live a low-waste home-grown life one day (and would want to be a minimalist too if she wasn’t just so sentimental). Besides her position as Media Manager for [spaces], she spends her days working as the Managing Editor in the Mars’ Hill office, walking and talking, dreaming of Turkish coffee, listening to music, reading, and adding curry spices to everything she cooks. In the years to come she would like to continue working in creative fields, whether that be as an editor, researcher, scholar, or otherwise.