The 2018 Call for Submissions is now closed! Thank you for submitting your visual and literary art. Our next submission period opens in September 2019.

 [spaces] accepts fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, prose, academic essays, plays, photos, artwork, etc. by current students and alumni of Trinity Western University. All submissions are subject to a blind reading by a vetting panel, with the exception of works submitted by featured guests. [spaces] does not return manuscripts.

Copyright remains with the writer or artist who grants [spaces] permission to publish his or her work. No part of this journal may be reproduced without the explicit consent of the editors and writer(s) or artist(s).

Submissions must be original works never before published and not submitted to any other literary publication. Works are vetted based on three criteria: originality, cohesiveness, and skill. So as not to detract from the sincerity of your work, please try to avoid the use of clichés and other overused phrases and themes. In other words, if you're writing a poem about autumn it better be freaking brilliant.

(Specific submission requirements apply to different types of work—either Fine Art and Photography, Prose and Poetry, or Plays.)