Submit one dramatic work no longer than ten pages double spaced. Script submissions can either be an entire one act play, or an excerpt from a longer play that has enough coherent unity that it could stand as a piece on its own.

Submissions must be original works never before published and not submitted to any other literary publication. You may submit a piece in any language you wish, but please provide an English translation for the vetting process.

  • Plays may be no longer than ten pages double spaced (including Dramatis Personae page, if applicable).
  • Use 12pt Times New Roman Font.
  • Save as either a ".doc" or a ".pdf" file.
  • All writing should be publication ready.
  • One additional page may also be included to provide any illumination or clarifying notes regarding the playwright's vision of the play that are not clear in the stage directions.
  • A Title Page, as in a standard play script format, is not necessary.

As usual, all submissions must have a cover page that includes:

• Name and Student ID
• Year of Study and Major
• E-mail Address
• Title of the work

For Alumni and/or Staff/Faculty Submissions please just include:

  • Name
  • E-mail Address
  • Title of the work

Email questions and submissions to: