Prose and Poetry

Submissions must be original works never before published and not submitted to any other literary publication. Works are vetted based on three criteria: originality, cohesiveness, and skill. So as not to detract from the sincerity of your work, please try to avoid the use of clichés and other overused phrases and themes. In other words, if you're writing a poem about autumn it better be freaking brilliant.

Email all your submissions to


Submit up to five written works no longer than seven pages (combined). Each work must start on a separate sheet of paper, use 12pt—Times New Roman font, and saved as either a ".doc" or ".pdf" file. All writing should be publication-ready. Please proofread and spellcheck your writing.

You may submit a piece in any language you wish, but please provide an English translation or a write up for the vetting process. The write up must explain the content of your piece in at least 75 words.

All work must have a cover page that includes:
• Name and Student ID
• Year of Study and Major
• E-mail Address
• Title of the work

For Alumni and/or Staff/Faculty Submissions please just include:

  • Name
  • E-mail Address
  • Title of the work

Please do not put your name or any other identification information on any portion of your piece!